Starflash 2 Released!

Starflash 2 released on iTunes and the Android Market!

Datamachine Studios is proud to announce that our first game using our in house Page Engine has been released and is now available for Android and iOS. Starflash is a puzzle game balancing speed and patience, luck and skill, compete on OpenFeint online leaderboards and try for the highest score. It has a simple premise, match patterns and colors, and go for the biggest combos you can! This is the first of many games we look forward to developing as we extend and enhance our cross platform game engine. Please rate it and comment, and we look forward to feedback, both positive and negative. Below are the QR Codes and links to download the game now.


 Starflash 2 Gameplay Video










RC2 aka The Last One

If we were 99% there before, we’re at 99.9999%

We got a lot of feedback from the first release candidate, and wanted to push one more dev build before hitting the big PUBLISH button in the market.

Changes since the RC1:

  • New Level System, the game does not speed up linearly anymore. As you level up, the faster it goes! (Think Tetris)
  • Many balance tweaks with the new level system. We’re hoping it makes for a more enjoyable play, and more competitive leaderboards.
  • Achievement rebalance to new level system
  • Game board now contains fewer stars, but they are bigger, and have a bigger hitbox.
  • Populate faster when you have fewer stars, at lower levels.
  • Continue Button added to menu when in the middle of the game.
  • Many improvements to background animation.
  • Android audio fixes, should eliminate missed audio fired.
  • Font improvements
  • Game over menu, separate from the main menu.
  • Obligatory bug fixes entry

If you want to try this build, please uninstall and install fresh for least number of issues!

Known issues:

  • Back button on Android behavior is sub-optimal. Need to devise a better action
  • Fat Chance achievement is still fubared.

As always, looking forward to feedback!


RC1 is close!

Okay, we’re 99% to release, here’s the Android RC1!

Changes since the last build:

  • New Animations
  • Achievements!
  • Sound options, use media volume, mute in menu
  • Reworked speed and point calculations to make the game experience smoother through the entire game.
  • Prepopulate a new game with stars to help with the issues of a slow start
  • Obligatory bug fixes entry

If you want to try this build, please uninstall and install fresh for least number of issues!



New Build!

We have been lagging on the release of Starflash2, which is unfortunate, because there’s a much better game we want to make, we just needed to get the core engine fleshed out, and we needed to release something :P In the coming week, we will be deciding out next project, we have several ideas, and we’ll post concept art when the time comes.

Should be on the Android Market and Apple App Store by the weeks end, we have a few more bugs and required promo art to complete.

UPDATE (July 6th): Many bugs fixed, animations improved, and sound added!

And now, here’s the current Android Build.



If you have an Android… *Cough*

And if you don’t have Android, you can play with this… but I’d rather get feedback on the mobile version: *Cough*

iOS will be out when we release, can’t do previews, sorry! (may get something for you Jailbreakers soon though…)


UPDATE: Added instruction  screens made by Colin, download new builds so you know what to do!

New Name, Same As The (really) Old Name

So we’ve decided, for a number of reasons, to publish under a new name, Datamachine. If you remember what Datamachine used to be, and still is in spirit, you’ll be happy to know we’re all still the same people. This is just the recent incarnation of that same community.


Stay tuned for news of out upcoming game release, the first on our new cross platform engine!


Salutations world wide web!

Now that Mr. Lopo has made his opening speech, I’d like to introduce you to some of Lit’s up coming projects.

First on the production slate, I know Philip and Vince are porting Star Flash over to the Page engine, so it will soon see the Android market place, which is very cool!

Along with tinkering on the website, and continuing to update the pages, I’ve started to design some simple games based on some concepts thrown around in order to get some prototypes up on running on the Page engine.

The first of these new releases will be “Super Fill Up” style game in which players will grow a Zoo, while avoiding an, as of yet, undetermined enemy. Here we can see the animals will start in a fetal stage and increase in size as you “grow” them, from cute cuddly cubs to adults. We’re going to start with just one animal growing, and eventually have enough variation that it really will feel like a zoo!

I’m still working on finalizing this guy. I’m not super happy with his little embryonic sack, so I’ll probably be reworking that or scratching it all together.

Lit. Who… Are you?

Lit is a small, San Diego based team of indie game developers with a focus on iOS and Android cross-platform compatibility.

Lit ultimately has it origins in a dank garage in a suburb of San Diego. It was here, during one of many late nights, that the idea of the Page engine was born. Page was first started as a hobby project being worked on by Phillip and Vince. But with the advent of mobile gaming and the growing indie industry we decided to focus on formally completing our engine and move  it into the world of indie development.